Shipment of the Goods is carried out on the Ex-Works Moscow warehouse terms of Loading is carried out with using ofspecial machinery.

In case if the Client has no possibility to arrange the shipment of the goods with his own transport, we are glad to offer the following options at the Client's choice:

1. shipment of the goods by forwarding company Delivery: the Client is free to choose any transport company which he wants to cooperate with, agrees on the terms of loading and delivery.

2. shipment of the goods in railway c containers 3, 5, 20 tons. In this case Client communicates us the following loading details

Destination station : name , code .

Consignee: name, and other information.

Other information: name of the final consignee (legal, actual, postal addresses), other information.


Therefore, any shipment may be arranged either by the Trading House Glavkartontorg or by the Client (or its representative on the basis of Power of attorney)

The letter on getting the status of “An official dealer

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